Samsung Gear Vr Internet browser

Samsung Gear Vr Internet browser


My Superman also tested Samsung Gear VR at home

Samsung Gear Vr has launched consumer VR headset during past weeks. FinEduVR project has Samsung Finland as a partner so we got our Gear VR set last summer. We have tested headset apps from the beginning. One question came all the time our feedback discussions – why our own 360 production is so difficult to use in Samsung Gear VR? Another problem was kind of shut system, you cannot use your phone apps at the same time

Latest update was big improvement when Samsung internet app came to Oculus Store. With this browser you can now use Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and other internet services very smoothly. Also Youtube 360 channel gave big effect with Gear Vr. Now you can feel more presence than with Google Cardboard.

This update give much more future expected value. Now im going back to Youtube #360!

VrScout shared in Youtube a demo video. Check it out and you no why this browser rocks!





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