Vizor – visual coding WebVr

Vizor – visual coding WebVr


One of the partners in the FinEduVR Program is , a company that’s developing a VR-platform that works in the browser. Antti Jädertpolm from Vizor says that it’s a platform that anyone can use to produce realtime VR content, with an easy way publish it.

The scene can be edited simultaneously on different devices: tablets, laptops, phones. All changes are reflected in real time. On the phone, the scene can be viewed with Google Cardboard. The editor works best in Chrome browsers. Screenshot_2015-11-17-15-33-09-02

A student group in the Schildt highschool in Jyväskylä is trying out visual programming for the next study periods. Because we wanted to start quickly, we did 12 single-take tutorials for the students, shooting very fast using a hand-held camera. Vizor is working on releasing new tutorials soon.

It will be interesting to see what kind of scenes the students will publish. Vizor is easy on the surface, but there are challenges as you go deeper in the world of visual programming. The students will do their first tests with six tutorials. After that we will share our experiences and do further training.


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